The Duck River is Still our Jam

The Duck River Jam Fundraising Committee continues to raise money and awareness for Save the Duck River, Inc. Your continued support is needed.

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Why We Are Fundraising

Over the past year, both the local community and lawmakers at the local and state levels have engaged in a vigorous struggle to safeguard the most biodiverse river in North America. As a result, Governor Bill Lee enacted the scenic Duck River Bill into law in April of 2023, thereby offering protection to a specific segment of the river situated in Maury and Hickman counties.

TRINITY BUSINESS GROUP, a company based in Louisiana, has put forth a proposal for a regional landfill spanning over 300 acres. This landfill would be located in close proximity to the Duck River, within one mile of an old Monsanto superfund site. Notably, portions of the proposed landfill area are mere yards away from the river. The presence of hazardous waste necessitates the EPA’s involvement in the rehabilitation of the superfund site (Source – Columbia Daily Herald).

Given that the Trinity Group’s application for a landfill was rejected by the Maury-Marshall solid waste regional planning board, they have recently lodged an appeal. In response, the Duck River Jam of 2023 was organized and generated funds that aided in covering legal expenses. As of April of 2024, the legal battle continues. Trinity Corp. has filed a brief to which our legal team is now responding. 

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